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Our saddles

Our saddles

New Wintec 500 AP saddle 16.5"-18" Black/brown


New Wintec 500 AP saddle.

Sizes from 16.5" -18" 

Black or Brown available 

Cair £525 or flock £499

Please allow 7days delivery

We take px against new and used saddles 

Please note there is a not a 7day trial with new saddles please contact us to see if we have a demo in.

Wintec 500 All purpose

Ideal for pleasure riding in multiple disciplines , Featuring a suppoertive seat, offering greater security and enabling a strong Irider position.

Key Features:

Shaped Equi-suede Knee inserts

Drop Panel Points 

Equi Leather Grip Panel 

Please state size you would like on purchase

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